Sensual Getaway


ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE non sticky sentless, tasteless organic coconut oil, Candles, Protection, Adult Toys and Music ( see individual packages for the amount of time and options) 

  • Sensual Touch Package  60 min
  • (This package is for experienced couples only. It does not include time to connect and visit over drinks before hand. this is NOT for a couple who has never experienced another woman before) The Sensual Touch package is delivered by placing a blindfold on you as you sit fully nude on the bed or back to back in a chair. The erotic experience will include dripping warm oil on you as we start to stimulate all of your sences and your mind wanders in anticipation for what is about to happen. This can be delivered by Summer only, starting with her and using husbands hands to help enhance the experience (remember what we choose to do in the time frame is up to us to use the products how we agree as concenting adults) This package can also be delivered by both Summer and Drew. In this case the two of you are blindfolded next to eachother,  letting the mind fully wander. The blindfold can be taken off at any time and the experience continues as your fantasy unfolds.  
  • Summer only          $450
  • Summer and Drew $585


  • Erotic Passion Package   90 min 
  • With this package we have time to meet for a drink or coffee and get everyone feeling safe and comfortable. This time is important for the experience to feel magical and organic. After realizing that the reviews are true, you are now feeling exteemly excited. Then we proceed to the room. The set up begins as Summer creates the room to feel like a spa. If you choose the thre of us than Summer starts with HER. Both woman are fully nude as Summer drips warm oil on her body and proceeds to rub it in with an erousing view for HIM as he sits and watches the scene. He will join in as soon as she is extreemly eroused. Your personal boundaries are fully respected and this will be discussed before we start. The opportunity to fullfil your fantasies as consenting adults is what makes this package so inviting. If a couple for couple experience is chosen than we would start to warm oil and an erotic rub for each of you. 
  • Summer only           $650
  • Summer and Drew  $785


  • Deepest Desire Package  2 Plus HR
  • This is the most ordered package. This package can include anything from the previous two packages with the freedom to NOT worry about the time being cut too short. Fantasy and light Fetish requests are included in this package. Products will be brought to use to acomplish your requests. This is the perfect package to leave with a memory of a lifetime. Please do not ask for services provided, instead send me an email describing your fantasy. I can assure you that if we except the appointment, as consenting adults we can create what you are looking for.   
  • Summer Only         $850
  • Summer and Drew $985


  • The Ultimate Package   3 Plus HR
  • A favorite package for sure because of the agreement that the experience will not ever be cut short because of time. This package includes all of the above package agreements and also products for a soak in the tub or shower before the rub. I can't express enough how incredible this experience is as the body temperature is heated creating a much more relaxed and stimulating experience once we get on the bed. This package also gives us time to connect strong before we proceed to the bedroom. Time to join you for Dinner and or drinks or a show can be included with no extra cost
  • Summer Only           $950
  • Summer and Drew.   $1085


  • Compensation is for product packages and time for delivery only. Neither of us are licensed masseuse so we do not charge money to give the massage.  What we do with the product package you purchase is up to consenting adults. 
  • Please provide the agreed package price discreetly in a envelope or card to be seen before but exchanged after our time together.
  • Gifts for the complementary service of showing you how the product is used is always appreciated and can be accepted afterwords. 
  • Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the cost while we are together as I feel this ruins the moment.